Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Colorado Gold

Look at this photo - it looks like a target made by Mother Nature in the Front Range of Colorado. Is it an impact feature? Just a lake? Or is it a hidden diamond deposit?  We call these 'cryptovolcanic structures' because they also are structurally controlled (we can see on aerial photos that they sit on linear faults or line up with several similar depressions), and many have carbonate-rich soils even though they are completely surrounded by granite (that does not have any carbonate). So what is it?

While prospecting for gold, treasure hunters should keep an eye out for diamonds in Colorado. Kimberlites have been found in the State Line district near Fort Collins, and all have yielded diamonds in this area. Placer diamonds were found in Fish Creek, Rabbit Creek and George Creek near the state line and other kimberlites were found near Estes Park and the City of Boulder. Cryptovolcanic structures similar to kimberlite is found all over - particularly in the Red Feather Lakes area.

One of dozens of cryptovolcanic structures (kimberlite?) in the Red Feather Lakes area of Colorado.

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